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Desulfurization Technology

A Smarter Approach to Business. And the Planet.

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Patented Modular Solution

The UAD platform is a compact, modular machine designed with your profitability in mind. UAD platform fits into a standard shipping container, offers easy configuration for turnkey deployment and can be positioned anywhere onsite or offsite. Once HFO is mixed with QK ionic liquids, the UAD delivers three outputs: IMO 2020 compliant marine fuel; Sulphur in a solid state for selling; and the QK ionic liquids. The QK ionic liquids are cycled back into the machine. The same ionic liquids can be reused several times.

Practical Solution

QK UAD system employs a unique hybrid platform that combines two approaches to desulfurization into a single continuous high-efficiency process using ultrasonic mixing. This process uses a proprietary geometric algorithm to Plasmatic cavitation. Those two approaches ILS and HDS have principally been distinct stand-alone processes, each of which have their respective strengths from the perspective of types of sulfur bonds and from the perspective of energy efficiency to achieve desulfurization.

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Better Business

QK UAD is flexible, scalable and proven to desulphurize HFO without producing harmful emissions or pollution and meets the IMO 2020 regulations. Furthermore QK create a process and an apparatus for desulfurization which allows improving the desulfurization with respect to the prior art of desulfurization technologies and providers, - reducing the extraction time and reducing the costs related to the desulphurization of refined crude oil fractions. QK UAD provides a net profit performance improvement over HDS in desulfurization of liquid fuels.

Executive Summary

 IMO 2020 Compliant

The platform is proven to deliver IMO compliant 0.5% Sulphur marine fuel.


Minimize Emmisions

Convert HFO to IMO 2020 compliant fuel with zero emissions, pollution or hydrogen.

Generate High Profit ROI

Reduces the costs related to the desulfurization of refined crude oil fraction and turns it into high-value marine fuel to meet growing global demand.


Easy to Scale

Robust easy-to-scale modular design to scale up or down quickly and efficiently.


Greater Efficiencies

Reduces the production time.

D.oes not require high energy

NO oxidizing agents

Several time reusable QK patented ionic liquids composition.

Turnkey Support

Leverage QK ongoing maintenance and support to maximize the value of your platform.


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