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Fueling the Future

Fuel Technologies for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Our History

Quantumkore was born from the minds of leading petroleum and energy authorities (our Founding Team), who were ahead of the climate change dilemma in developing not only carbon reduction technologies, but economically proven and commercial ideas.  They combined their 40+ years of experience, track record and know-how to form QuantumKore to further explore and develop existing and new technologies in the fuel and energy space.


The origins and track record of success in QuantumKore began in 2001, with the first installation of Emulsion Fuel machines in Europe.  Over the next ten years, more than 1,200 units were installed across a multitude of customers aiming to reduce their emissions and save money on fuel costs.  From that point, other technologies (fuel Desulphurisation, Pyrolysis, and innovative Bio-Fuels) have been added to the family of technology that QuantumKore will bring to the market today.


At QuantumKore, we continue to build off the strong foundation that our Founders created, expanding our scientific and engineering teams to continue to produce sustainable, renewable and cost-effective technologies for our customers.

Our Business Model

QuantumKore (QK) is focused on cutting-edge transition technologies related to decarbonisation and the waste conversion process in the energy sector. 

At present, the company owns patented and internationally applied technologies from Fuel Emulsions to next generation Energy solutions.

One of the Company’s key success factors is the focus on research and development. To own and develop technologies that can move customers toward zero emissions, all in support of the green economy and economic sustainability.

Our Leadership Team

Years ahead of the climate change dilemma, Andrea Piazzoli anticipated the development of carbon reduction technologies.

With many years of experience, success and know-how, he foresaw the future value that technology would bring to the entire energy sector: from both a sustainability and economic angle.


Andrea Piazzoli


Andrea has over 14 years of business development and entrepreneurship experience in the energy and renewables sectors. Over this period, he has sold more than 10 patents across various sectors. Andrea has a Business Management Diploma from the International Business Management Institute, Berlin.


Michael Lambert

Chief Executive Officer

Michael has 13 years CFO experience in

the petrochemicals and engineering space.

We also benefit from his 15 years global experience in capital management and commodity trading.

He holds a BA in International Affairs from George Washington University.




Claudio Mirella

Chief Financial Officer

Claudio has over 25 years  of experience in financial management, corporate accounting and business planning.


He is a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Management Accountant and holds a BA in Commerce.


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