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Partnering with the Planet

Everyone who uses our products and services is a partner, which ensures that we all benefit from the relationship. Whether you own a fleet of commercial vessels, manage on-shore power stations or are looking to make a smart investment in the future of fuel and technology, we welcome you.

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Quantumkore offers scalable, plug-and-play desulfurization plants for the production of VLSFO/ULSFO to the marine and shipping industry, helping them meet the IMO 2020 regulations simply and at considerably lower costs.

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We are the patent-holder and developer of proprietary ultrasonication technology for the production of alternative fuels, such as water-in-diesel and heavy fuel oil emulsions. Using our fully automated plant systems, customers are able to produce large or small batches of highly stable, cost-efficient fuel oil with substantially lower emissions and higher combustion efficiency.

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