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Our Fuel

Constant innovation in smarter, environmentally friendly fuel is our only goal. This approach allows us to look at smart solutions for business today and develop tomorrow's solutions for an ever-changing world.


Our most popular commercialized product is a patented, water-in-fuel oil emulsification unit. This solution produces fuel oil with substantially lower emissions, higher combustion efficiency and considerable economic savings compared to conventional fuel oil, requiring no retrofitting or large up-front investments. MORE

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Ultrasonic Assisted Desulfurization (UAD)

Our desulfurization technology is a scalable land-based refinery business, competing primarily with traditional hydrodesulfurization-based (HDS) refineries to produce very low-sulfur liquid transportation fuels for the marine and commercial fuel markets. This approach exceeds the performance of competitor technologies and allows for a refinery operation that is at least 70% more profitable (on a net profit basis) than existing HDS refineries. MORE

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