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QKI Emulsification Technology

A Turnkey Approach to Cleaner and Better Business

Patented Process

The key to creating a stable fuel oil emulsion is to create a homogenous emulsion as finely dispersed as possible, where every drop of water is surrounded by fuel. A fuel oil nano-emulsion consists of 8 – 20% water droplets (in a dispersed phase) that are uniformly distributed throughout a fuel oil (in a continuous phase).

If it all sounds a little complex, it's because it is. As a result, the technology we have created and patented is not something that is easily replicated by any other company. 

Practical Solution

QK has developed a patented emulsion unit where water and fuel oil are finely mixed at high cavitation speeds and processed by a unique pressurizing centrifugal pump, introducing nanobubbles and a higher level of emulsification. The result is a more environmentally friendly fuel emulsion that can be stored and used under the same conditions as regular fossil fuel.

We also offer a smaller-sized modular on-vessel unit producing continuous emulsion fuel for large, ocean-going vessels. This requires little storage, no retrofitting, and the water component is produced on-site. 

QK Emulsion Unit.jpeg
QKI Stay in Front.jpeg

Better Business

Our business model is in leasing the technology to our customers. After initially calculating usage and consumption, we arrive at a simple savings calculator. This is then used to set design a shared profit model between Quantumkore and its customers.

The other benefit to customers is that they will have constant access to our technical team, and will always have access to the latest advancements in technology, allowing them to stay ahead of the game.

Executive Summary

Reduce Emmisions

This unique mixture allows standard engines to run more efficiently and produce fewer harmful emissions during combustion.

Cost Free Implementation

Implementation without upgrades and retrofitting to the engine.

Enhance Efficiency

Streamline OpEx by enhancing fuel efficiency.

Tax Reductions

Use the QK water-in-fuel oil emulsification unit machine to qualify for the Emission Excise Reduction Tax.


Maximize Fuel Stability

Guaranteed long-term stability across all atmospheric and operation conditions.

Turnkey Support

Leverage QK ongoing maintenance and support to maximize the value of your platform.


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